Broken stupid sad boy.

The spark in your eyes when you see him,

The glow in your skin when you’re around him,

The smile that spreads on your lips,

Screams love,

You can’t wait to whisper love to his ears, draw love patterns on his skin,

Just to touch him,

But does he feel the same??

He is always out on business,

He is drunk when you call to wish him success in business meetings,

He never checks on you,

I guess you are hopelessly in love,

You have destroyed your walls for him to enter,

He is too dump to see it,

That boy keeps you waiting for him,

Patience, patience,patience

Patience is not your thing,

He will come around, you console yourself,

That day,you will be seated across the table,

And watch those words fall from your mouth like a slippery glass,

That shatters to pieces as it hits the ground,

With nobody to fix it, or even pick up the pieces,

He will grow silent like a stone,

Immersed in thoughts, maybe,

Not wanting you to decrease him to reality,

This boy never loved you at all

He never did,

He is just another sad broken, stupid boy.

Don’t kill yourself.


Not yet.

My mama used to tell me, don’t become somebody’s wife before you do.

Poem by Sheilah.

Funny??? Right?? But true

You wake up, do breakfast, dishes, clothes, shoes, make the bed, iron his clothes,

You’re just a maid to him. Are you his mother? Are you his wife?

Why mother a bearded man?

Why are you afraid to be labelled a feminist, because we’re all equal?

He fucks you whenever he wants to all in the name of love.

I don’t know what kind of math is this, signing your death sentence, just an inch away from your salvation,

We are thought to reason, but the heart is tough headed, making the mind stagnate,

I don’t know the kind of teachings we give our girls, ‘respect a man’,

This boy is gonna find a better wife while you’re still doing his dishes,

The shock, confusion, embarrassment, will hit you hard,

‘I was with him through thick and thin’is gonna be your new favourite slogan,

But he won’t be there to wipe your tears or comfort you.

Stop being a wife, at least not yet.

And run,

Stay woke

Black tears

Black tears, eyes blurred by thick black soot just from the fireplace,

I cry black tears and I can no longer hold them back,

Tears that destroy, tears that burn the skin to nothing,

Leaving it begging and anticipating for remedy

I cry black tears so you can see how far your damage has gone,

You destroyed me, a once exquisite habitat reduced to a huge garbage lot,

Papers choke me, and take away my breath, slowly pushing me to the grave

Smog blurs my vision, I can’t see a future,

I can’t see at all,

Why are you so ungrateful ?

Tell me how am I gonna make it by myself?

I feel rejected, depressed, lonely all together

I’m almost giving up,

I’m at the brink of extinction,

I’m standing on the edge, not sure whether to hold on or just fall into the dark abyss..

Now that I’m crying but your steel hearts are adamant to listen,

I crave for your attention, hoping that one day you will care

But it’s the same old heart, that can never be shaken,

Change in weather patterns, extreme weather events, rise in sea level, massive wildfires, global warming,

This is me crying for help,

When the damage can still be reversed,

Black tears.

Why mother nature.

What is environment?

Many people tend to misunderstand or rather ignore the topic concerning the environment. Well the environment generally is our surroundings. It encompasses nature, water, air, soil, wildlife.

The environment plays a major role to human survival. By providing air, water, food that is all essential to man. It’s always part if us and we must conserve it at all costs for maximum benefit. Only a few people stand up for the environment. For instance nature is always my best part if the environment. Imagine taking beautiful pictures with a very beautiful nature behind it. It’s so satisfying. It’s every persons responsibility to conserve it by changing the ways we use some of out household items. And also by understanding the why, how and when question. It’s now… It’s a step to make the environment a better place. If you have watched Planet II, you will agree with me that it’s very crucial to make it better day by day.

In this era, man has always had the focus on money making schemes ignoring it’s impact on the environment. Most of them have major impact on our environment. But very few people actually care. Reason why we’ve seen our environment deteriorating day by day with extreme weather patterns, rise in sea level,massive wildfires, weather extremes such as hurricanes among others. The prime suspect being you and me. It’s always about how we view the environment, how we know it and how we take it. Knowledge has to be passed from generation to generation in order to foster that culture of conserving our mother nature and taking care of it. It’s from this that we get to have a future generation geared to healing what other generations have done.

I love mother nature. But it is crying to be heard. It only takes one step to a better future for it. And trust me it is rewarding.